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    Tuesday June 5 Show (PDF)

    Class Day and Time     Teacher                                    Location          Song Title


    1.         Father/ Daughter          ALL                             ALL                


    2.         Porter                         Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Shake it Off


    3.         Tuesday 9:00              Miss Diane                   Studio 4           Can't Stop The Feeling


    4.          Tuesday 9:00             Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Under the Sea


    5.         Tuesday 10:15             Miss Diane                   Studio 4           Jump in the Line


    6.         Tuesday 3:30              Miss Diane                   Studio 4           Mamma Mia


    7.         Tuesday  3:30             Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Star Wars


    8.         Tuesday 10:15            Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Un Poco Loco 


    9.         Tuesday 4:30               Miss Diane                   Studio 4           Spiderman


    10.       Pederson/Park              Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Mission Impossible


    11.       Tuesday 5:15               Miss Jenny                   Studio  2          Charlie's Angels


    12.       Thursday 3:30             Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Hairspray


    13.       Tuesday 4:30               Miss Jennifer               Studio 1           Back in Time  


    14.       Tuesday 4:30               Miss Jenny                   Room 2           Boogie Wonderland


    15.       Thursday 10:15            Miss Jennifer               Room 1            A Pirate's Life For Me


    16.       Thursday 5:15                Miss Jennifer               Room 2          The Greatest Showman


    Your first rehearsal will be held at the Dance Studio -  12748 Jomani Dr. 


    Dance numbers 2-8 will rehearse Sunday, May 20th , from 1:00 to 1:45 PM

    Dance numbers 9-16 will rehearse Sunday, May 20th     from 2:00-2:45 PM

    The Father/Daughter dance number will not be rehearsing on this day

    At our studio Rehearsal, please make plans to drop your child off at the studio and pick them up 45 minutes later. We do not have enough space in the studio for both Dancers and Observers. Please sign your child in at the front door when you drop them off and sign them out when you pick them up. We will let parents into the rehearsal studio, 10 at a time, to pick up their child. All dancers and parents will exit through the back doors. Children will not be permitted outside of the studio without a parent.



    Your second rehearsal will be held at the Fox Theater – 2001 H St.

    Saturday June 2nd at the Fox Theater 



    Dance numbers 1-8 will rehearse from 10:30-11:15AM

    Dance numbers 9-16  will rehearse from 12:00-12:45 PM

    We need parents to stay at the theater with their children for this rehearsal. 

    If participating in the father/ daughter dance you will need to be there at the 9:00 hour rehearsal, even if your dancer's class is scheduled for a different time.

    Fahey Photography will be there for pictures.  You may leave or get your child’s picture taken after your dancer is done rehearsing. Please remember that we are at this rehearsal so that your child can familiarize themselves with the stage. We are not there for pictures. The photographer is there as a convenience to you and will be at the theater all day. It is extremely important that your child be in their group, ready to dance when it is their turn. We will not hold up rehearsals for a missing dancer.


    Its Showtime

    Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

    Curtain time – 7:00 PM

    Dancers arrive in costume and make up at 6:15 PM

    Please sign your child in

    Dancers are to stay in their groups for the entire show. By signing your child into the backstage area, acknowledges that you understand and agree that your child will not be released to the responsible parent until the conclusion of the show.

    Parents are to pick up dancers after the cast finale and sign them out. The same parent that signs the child in, signs them out. Parents will not be allowed backstage until all dancers are back with their groups after the cast finale.  As a courtesy to all our dancers and their parents, please stay in your seats until the finale is finished.  Once the curtain closes and lights resume, then you may line up to pick up your child.